Senator Tim Scott Delivers Floor Speech on Coronavirus Aid

“Mr. President, small businesses are scrambling. I’ve run three different small businesses. I know the pain of not signing the front of a paycheck for yourself, of not being able to sign the back of that same paycheck for yourself because you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your employees get to cash their paychecks.” click here for transcript

Graham Speaks on Phase III Coronavirus Stimulus Proposal

"We will work with Democrats – in a very generous fashion - to help Americans who have lost their jobs and doctors and nurses who have run out of supplies.   

But shame on you – shame on you - for taking good faith negotiations and throwing them in an ideological ditch!"

Why You Should Get Involved!

The Beaufort County Republican Party presents this video on why getting involved and becoming active in your local precinct is so important.

US Term Limits Advocate

Watch as term limits advocate compares Congress to lice and root canals! He tells this senate committee that 60% of Americans say that they would fire every single member of Congress if they could. And that the people have lost confidence in this Congress because career politicians.

"The Best is Yet to Come"

A very special message from President Trump Campaign 2020.

A Special Message from the Bahamas

A very special message to the members of the Beaufort County GOP for the donations + supplies delivered by Rep. Bill Herbkersman to the hurricane victims in the Bahamas. Thank you to everyone who supported this mission!

True Conditions for Kids in ICE Detention

"Here is the truth America: ICE Immigration centers are nicer than public schools. I went to school in Connecticut and the Broward County ICE center is nicer than EVERY school I attended." Candace Owens, American conservative commentator and political activist

The "For the People Act," H.R. 1 is anything but...

"As the first bill to be introduced in the House of Representatives for the 116th Congress, H.R. 1 is a disturbing statement of legislative priorities that does not augur well for efforts to protect free speech and associational and donor privacy for the rest of this Congress." Eric Wang, Institute for Free Speech

"The Squad"

The latest video from the SC Republican Party highlighting the direction Democrats have taken and the repercussions that have followed.

Senator Lindsey Graham's 2019 SCGOP Convention Video

Video introducing Senator Lindsey Graham at the 2019 SC Republican Party State Convention in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Time to Turn the Tables

President Trump's response to Mueller's "report". Beaufort County SC Republican Party

Senator Tim Scott on Abortion

Sen. Tim Scott (R)-SC gave an outstanding speech on the floor of the US Senate.  He was the original sponsor of this bill preventing the murder of infants.

“It is frustrating . . . that in a nation of good conscience we would be having a conversation about a child who is born, sitting there, alive, separated from her mother, and that there would be a question of whether or not that child should be able to continue to live.”

Shelby Steele: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race.

Check out this video on race and Obama

Lindsey Graham for U.S. Senate

During the Convention, Team Graham debuted their latest campaign video. Support Senator Graham and the Republican party by sharing it to your social media pages.