time to turn the tables

President Trump's response to Mueller's "report"

Pride in our nation

Ohio high school student wrestler Isaac Bryant goes viral after wowing the crowd with his volunteer performance. Bryant and his parents join 'Fox & Friends' to tell their story.

Tim scott on Abortion

Sen. Tim Scott (R)-SC gave an outstanding speech on the floor of the US Senate.  He was the original sponsor of this bill preventing the murder of infants.

“It is frustrating . . . that in a nation of good conscience we would be having a conversation about a child who is born, sitting there, alive, separated from her mother, and that there would be a question of whether or not that child should be able to continue to live.”

Shelby Steele: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race.

Check out this video on race and Obama

Tim Scott on Anti-Semitism

Tim Scott taking a stand against the bigotry and anti-semitism from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D)