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October 16, 2019

Adding Up Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda

Stand for America, Nikki Haley, Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

"Brian Riedl of the Manhattan Institute added up all of Sanders’ expensive proposals and found that, in total, Sanders is proposing $97.5 trillion in new spending over the next ten years."

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- Ambassador Nikki Haley

October 9, 2019

Lessons from Georgetown: We can do better

Stand for America, Nikki Haley, Beaufort County Republican Party SC GOP

"There are moments when we need to step back, take a deep breath, and remind ourselves that there is more at stake in this country than scoring political points. One such moment occurred this week..." Read More

- Ambassador Nikki Haley

September 20, 2019

2,000 reasons to be hopeful about the next generation

Stand for America, Nikki Haley, Beaufort County Republican Party SC GOP

"I have great faith in the next generation of conservatives and all of us have a responsibility to ensure their success. These young people are ready to use the power of their voices. When they are educated with good facts, they will make the right decisions. Unfortunately, many of them face intimidating environments on their campuses. That’s why showing them our support, through events like the Houston Youth Summit, is one of the most important things we can do." Read More

- Ambassador Nikki Haley

Week of September 3rd

What we are standing FOR: The Future for Young Americans

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

This past week, a new poll was released showing a stark drop in young Americans’ feelings on the importance of patriotism, religion, and having a family. Less than half of young Americans viewed patriotism as an important value.

This is what Stand For America is fighting for. We cannot write off this generation, we need to amplify our values and lead the conversation. Too often, younger Americans are hearing about socialism and free stuff without regard for the future. They need to hear the truth. They need to know how decisions today will affect the entirety of their life. And we should never be afraid to defend our American values.

We are optimistic about the future for these young Americans because they are engaged and learn from facts. Watch Nikki Haley explain why she is hopeful about the next generation.

What we are standing FOR: America's Allies in Asia

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Amb. Nikki Haley writes in Fox News that Chinese aggression in Hong Kong would be unacceptable and would require consequences for how America deals with China.

Ambassador Haley also warns that America's Asian allies could be at risk: "If [China] pays no price for crushing Hong Kong, China might decide it can afford to use force to also take control of Taiwan."

We are standing AGAINST: The UN Overseeing our Border

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

In a town hall this past week, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for the UN to oversee our southern border with Mexico.

"So we have to bring in the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees – an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely."

- Rep. Ilhan OmarThe UN has serious issues. Just last month, it voted to condemn Israel as the world's only women's rights violator, with votes from countries that actually violate women's rights like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. The UN has no place to tell us how to treat people humanely.

We are standing AGAINST: Praising China's Communist Government

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Bernie Sanders praised China’s Communist government, saying they have done more to address extreme poverty "than any country in the history of civilization."

Bernie Sanders loves to criticize American capitalism, but praises it in China. Let's be clear -- China's Communist government pulled people from extreme poverty through free-market reforms, NOT through socialism.

Week of August 23rd

What we are standing FOR: The Right to Work

Right to Work States Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders announced a plan to eliminate "Right to Work" laws which exist in 26 states. From 2012-2017, Right to Work states had three times more manufacturing job growth than forced union states. Sanders' plan would limit the ability of states to make laws that encourage job and wage growth for their people. Americans should have the freedom to work in whatever job they want without pressure to join a union. 

What we are standing AGAINST: A Rising Minimum Wage

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

New York City businesses are struggling with the rising minimum wage. Very small businesses with fewer than 10 employees will be forced to pay a $15 wage by the end of this year. Several business owners and leaders spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the problems the minimum wage regulation has caused, including business closures and cut backs on worker hours.

We are standing AGAINST: Praising Socialist Dictators

A group of teachers with the Chicago Teachers Union took a trip to Venezuela and came back praising dictator Nicolas Maduro, seemingly ignoring his record of starving his own people and conducting a sham election that has kept himself in power. 

As one Chicago Tribune columnist said in her rebuke of the teachers, "The teachers must not have seen areas of Caracas where families occasionally dig through rubbish for food, where women sleep on cardboard boxes outside of grocery stores hoping to bring home cornmeal, where ATMs are empty, hospitals are barely staffed and where tuna fish and flour are luxuries."

A few more interesting things...

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

1. Twitter banned over 900 fake accounts being used by the Chinese government to spread propaganda against the Hong Kong protests.

2. Iran showed off a new missile defense system, which mirrors a Russian system. The Iranian ground forces started "massive" war drills on Thursday.

3. Amb. Nikki Haley's tweet on a demand by Russia and China for a U.N. Security Council meeting (see above image)

Week of August 16th

What we are standing FOR: The protestors in Hong Kong


The people of Hong Kong are protesting their own government in an attempt to protect themselves from the Chinese Communist government. The legislative body in Hong Kong, which was set up years ago to be pro-China, recently considered a bill that would allow for extradition to China. The protestors want that bill completely withdrawn. Tensions have risen with police using tear gas and force against peaceful protestors. The Chinese military has been spotted moving into a city just across the border from Hong Kong. We stand with the protestors in support of their freedom. 

We are standing FOR: The well-being of our law enforcement

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Police and law enforcement officers across the country are in need of our support. The New York Police Department is facing a horrific crisis of officers committing suicide. Since the beginning of June, seven lives have been lost in the NYPD. On Tuesday, someone shot into two ICE facilities in San Antonio. It is the fourth anti-ICE shooting in about a month. And on Wednesday in Philadelphia, six officers were shot and injured in a shootout -- thankfully all of them are expected to be okay. Our law enforcement should know that they have our support. 

We are standing AGAINST: Medicare for All

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Liberal politicians are pushing for “Medicare for All” which would eliminate all private insurance, cost $93 trillion, raise taxes on almost all taxpayers, and could cause delays in medical procedures. We put together an infographic to explain Medicare for All.

A few more interesting things...

1. Tens of thousands of people protested in the streets of Moscow to demand fair elections.

2. Venezuela's dictator Nicolas Maduro is jailing and torturing members of his own military that he suspects want to overthrow him.

3. A Chinese corporation called Huawei -- the largest telecommunications company in the world -- spied on opponents of African government leaders.

Week of August 9th

Hong Kong protesters target airport as China takes aim at U.S. diplomat

The Washington Post - After weeks of escalating warnings alleging a covert U.S. role behind the protests in Hong Kong, the tone in Communist Party-backed media outlets is turning darkly acrimonious, with publications attacking a U.S. diplomat in Hong Kong and releasing her personal information. Read More

Miami’s Venezuelans applaud latest sanctions against government of Nicolás Maduro

Miami Herald - President Trump’s executive order imposing a tough, new sanctions on the Nicolás Maduro regime is being praised by Venezuelans in Miami, who hope it will “asphyxiate” the Venezuelan government financially and foster the long yearned for transition to democracy. Read More

Acknowledging Trump’s robust economy

The Washington Post - This week, economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin said, “Democrats are not talking about the economy, because they have nothing to say.” Read More

The Truth About Medicare for All {INFOGRAPHIC}

Stand for America - The truth about Medicare for All: every American would be forced on to government-run insurance. Over 170 million Americans would lose their private insurance. See Infographic

Week of August 2nd

Washington Post: Sanders, Warren’s Ideas Lack ‘Factual Plausibility’

The Washington Post editorial board took aim at 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Ma.) for pushing policies the editors consider implausible or wrongheaded. Read More

How China Tries To Take Its Totalitarian Social Control Tactics Global

The Federalist - Recent incidents in Australia and New Zealand are a chilling reminder of the long arms of Chinese censorship and its impact on Western institutions. Read More

Trump Administration Imposes Sanctions on Iran’s Top Diplomat

New York Times - Earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warned that a minimum wage hike to $15 per hour by 2025 could put up to 3.7Officials described the foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, who worked closely with the Obama administration, as being part of a “propaganda arm.” Read More

Harris’s “Medicare for All” Plays Us for Suckers

National Review - In a lame attempt at triangulation, she describes her plan as permitting private insurance to co-exist alongside an all-encompassing federal single-payer entitlement. Read More

Week of July 26th

Nikki Haley Blasts UN Council for Condemning Israel’s Record on Women’s Rights

“It amazes me how the U.N. condones votes like these,” Haley tweeted. “It is a total mockery of human rights to allow Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Yemen to name Israel as the world’s only violator of women’s rights.” Read More

Labor charge alleges Sanders campaign management retaliated against union activities

An anonymous unfair labor practice charge against Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign alleges that at least three staffers were fired from the team for their involvement in organizing and labor activities, according to a redacted copy of the charge obtained by Bloomberg Law. Read More

Rashida Tlaib Calls For $20 Federal Minimum Wage

Earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warned that a minimum wage hike to $15 per hour by 2025 could put up to 3.7 million Americans out of work. The damning report, however, did not deter radical Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) from calling for an even higher — and therefore more damaging — federal minimum wage of $20 per hour. Read More

Iran seizes two British tankers and makes a huge mistake

There will be furious embarrassment in the British government this evening over Iran's seizure of two British oil tankers today. One of those tankers is British-flagged, and the other is British-owned. Read More

I Went to a Socialism Conference. Here Are My 6 Observations

The 2019 Socialism Conference, which had the tag line “No Borders, No Bosses, No Binaries,” contained a cross-section of the most pertinent hard-left thought in America. Read More

Week of July 19th

How to Confront an Advancing Threat From China

To counter Chinese threats to U.S. vital interests, the United States must mount not just a "whole of government" response but a "whole of nation" response. Read More

FaceApp challenge: Privacy experts warn over using Russian ‘ageing’ app

The viral FaceApp challenge has seen 80 million internet users worldwide ‘artificially age’ their faces in smartphone images using an AI-powered app. Read More

Sanders: Medicare for All Will Cost $40 Trillion Over 10 Years

"Sanders has previously said he would raise taxes, including for the middle class, that people would be happy to pay more taxes under his healthcare plan, and that "there will be pain" in a transition to a single-payer system." Read More

Network of Chinese Concentration Camps for Uighurs Uncovered

Open source project finds 124 camps where Uighurs forcibly 'reeducated'. Read More

I Went to a Socialism Conference. Here Are My 6 Observations

The 2019 Socialism Conference, which had the tag line “No Borders, No Bosses, No Binaries,” contained a cross-section of the most pertinent hard-left thought in America. Read More

Week of July 11th

The Totally, Utterly Irrefutable Case Against Socialism

The experts examine socialism in its many guises, beginning with Charles Cooke’s blunt assessment that socialism is not and never can be “democratic.” Read More

VIDEO: Countries accepting US aid, but voting against America

Nikki Haley and her team put together a book in order to identify those countries that would happily take foreign aid from the U.S., but then turn around and vote against America. Read More

California Gov. signs legislation extending health care to undocumented immigrants

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) signed a state budget into law Tuesday making California the first state in the nation to offer health coverage to some immigrants without legal status under its Medicaid program. Read More

‘Shameful’: Nikki Haley Torches Rashida Tlaib for Voting Against Border Aid Bill

Nikki Haley blasted freshman firebrand Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) as “shameful” for complaining about the ongoing border crisis after voting against an emergency aid bill. Read More

Trump responds to Iranian uranium enrichment: 'Sanctions will soon be increased'

“Iran has long been secretly ‘enriching,’ in total violation of the terrible 150 Billion Dollar deal made by John Kerry and the Obama Administration. Read More

Hong Kong leader says extradition bill is dead after mass protests

The Chinese-ruled city’s biggest crisis in decades is dead and the government work on the legislation has been a “total failure”, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam. Read More