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Economic Freedom Is the Way Out of Extreme Poverty
Heritage FoundationApril 18

A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute contains a startling fact. From 1990 through 2013, an estimated 1,122,000,000 people escaped extreme poverty—defined as subsisting on less than $1.90 per day—in the 71 developing countries covered by the report.
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley enthralls Montreal audience
The SuburbanApril 17

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley enthralled a sold-out audience of 1,200 at Westmount’s Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue with an exploration of her principled defence of human rights and Israel in particular at the UN. She spoke with ...
Opinion | ‘If I Had Stayed in Venezuela, We Would Have Starved’
The New York TimesApril 17

Venezuelans who fled to Colombia tell of harsh conditions, including the absence of food, electricity and hospitals with basic supplies.
The Questions Medicare for All Supporters Must Answer | National Review
National Review OnlineApril 17

Most coverage of the health-care debate has focused on the vulnerability and ineptitude of Republicans. But sooner or later, Medicare for All supporters will be pressed to answer questions about their own plans.
The UN and Israel in the Nikki Haley Era - Commentary
Commentary MagazineApril 16

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations stood up to the most powerful anti-Israel organization in the worldView Post
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has book coming in the fall 10

Haley also will offer "deeply personal" insights and the "challenges" she faced as ... but through it all my love for America has only grown. My hope with this book is to give people a unique window into recent history and inspire us toward a better ...
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: The Supreme Leader’s Military-Industrial Complex
The New York TimesApril 09

President Trump’s declaration that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a foreign terrorist organization is the first time the United States government has designated a part of another country’s military as that type of threat. In doing so ...