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June 25, 2019: Iran, Russia, China Continuing Operations to Disrupt 2020 Elections

In the lead-up to the 2020 elections, the United States is already laying the groundwork to boost its own counter-operations and detection methods in order to thwart a possible attack on the nationwide election systems, as well as social media efforts by rogue nations to influence any results, these officials said. Read More

June 18, 2019: China Continuing Cyberattacks on Government, Private Networks | Bolton

China is continuing cyberattacks against government and private sector networks aimed at obtaining intellectual property to support China's military buildup and economic modernization, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton says. Read More

June 17, 2019: America Willing to Talk to Iran But Ready to Retaliate | Bolton

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said the United States is willing to talk to Iranian leaders to ease tensions but also is set for retaliatory action against Iranian military provocations. Read More

June 13, 2019: Senators Scott, Manchin Introduce Legislation to Expand Credit Access

“While we have so much to be thankful for within our booming economy, we still have much work to do to ensure that the over 26 million ‘credit invisible’ Americans are able to climb the economic ladder,” said Senator Scott. “In South Carolina, 22 percent of adults are ‘credit invisible’ and in many instances, it’s not due to poor financial decisions but rather because they lack sufficient credit history. This bill aims to change that and provide avenues of opportunity for those who have been overlooked by the current system.”  Read More

June 12, 2019: Sen. Scott Helps Introduce HUD Manufactured Housing Modernization Act

U.S. Senators Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), Tina Smith (D-Minn.), Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), and Todd Young (R-Ind.) introduced legislation promoting manufactured housing as part of the solution to America’s affordable housing crisis. Read More

June 12, 2019: Scott, Jones Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Prevent and Combat Obesity

Studies have estimated that more than 20% of medical spending in the United States is attributable to obesity, which is linked to a number of chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Read More

June 6, 2019: FBI Corruption–Covering-up for Hillary Clinton & Falsely Framing President Trump

On this episode of “On Watch,” Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell talks about FBI corruption and covering up for Hillary Clinton and falsely framing President Trump over collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. Watch video here

June 6, 2019: Trump’s Great D-Day Speech

His remarks at the seventy-fifth commemoration of D-Day at the Normandy American cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, France, were gracious, moving, poetic, and delivered in a time zone six hours ahead of the East Coast. Read More

June 5, 2019: Here’s why Trump’s tariffs on Mexico deserve our support | Brandon Judd

With an estimated 11 million or more illegal immigrants in the U.S. and hundreds of thousands more coming in, President Trump understands it’s his responsibility to enforce our immigrationlaws and secure our borders. Read More 

June 4, 2019: House Passes Mass Amnesty Bill

The House passed a vote Tuesday that would grant protection from deportation to illegal immigrants and give millions a path to permanent citizenship status. Read More 

June 2019: The Danger of the Attacks on the Electoral College | Trent England

Once upon a time, the Electoral College was not controversial. During the debates over ratifying the Constitution, Anti-Federalist opponents of ratification barely mentioned it. But by the mid-twentieth century, opponents of the Electoral College nearly convinced Congress to propose an amendment to scrap it. And today, more than a dozen states have joined in an attempt to hijack the Electoral College as a way to force a national popular vote for president. Read More


June 12, 2019: Warren’s Wealth Tax: Possibly Unconstitutional; Difficult to Administer

The Washington Free Beacon analyzed Warren's wealth tax by speaking with experts about the difficulties of implementing such a plan in the United States, including whether it would pass constitutional muster. Read More

June 12, 2019: Trump vs. Pelosi | Newt Gingrich

As President Trump grows in stature as a genuine world leader and the Democrats continue to shrink, the election of 2020 may be vastly different than the so-called experts think. Read More

June 11, 2019: The Democrat Running Against Graham

Anti-Lobbying Progressive Group Endorses Former Corporate Lobbyist Senate Candidate. Read More

June 11, 2019: DHS chief reveals startling stat on asylum seekers who skip hearings, disappear

The acting Homeland Security secretary gave lawmakers a glimpse Tuesday into just how many asylum seekers skip their hearings after being released into the United States -- telling a Senate panel that a recent program found 90 percent miss their court dates. Read More

June 9, 2019: Nikki Haley Fires Back After Whoopi Goldberg Says To Stay Out of Her…

Update ... Here’s something you don’t hear every day. Or maybe you do. Last week on The View, Whoopi Goldberg told U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley to stay out of her… Read More

June 9, 2019: UCSF Cancels Partnership With Catholic Hospitals

University behind fetal tissue research cut ties with Catholic hospitals over religious beliefs, practices. Read More

May 31, 2019: Mueller's statement on Russia investigation shakes Washington | Robert Charles

As a prosecutor who styles himself detached, dispassionate and above reproach, Robert Muellerhas become a political bomb thrower. There is no other way to describe his behavior. Read More

May 30, 2019: Signs that Roe’s fall may be as sudden and dramatic as fall of Berlin Wall

The demise of the 1973 U.S. abortion decision Roe v. Wade may well be as dramatic as the fall of the Berlin Wall or the earthquake that freed Paul and Silas.  It may happen very soon, and it must take place on two fronts; legal and cultural. Read More 

May 30, 2019: Robert Mueller 'put his elbow on the scale,' says Alan Dershowitz

Robert Mueller "put his elbow on the scale" and his decision to do so was "much worse" than what then-FBI Director James Comey did in 2016, Alan Dershowitz said on Hannity, Wednesday night. Read More

May 2019: Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation

Update from the Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation. Senator Scott was an original sponsor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. He has continued to champion legislation on economic development and education for the Lowcountry. Read More

May 27, 2019: Here's the value of $1 in each state!

In the U.S., apparently not every dollar is equal. The value of $1 varies depending on where you go. Read More

May 26, 2019: The Ben Shapiro Show | Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich, former U.S. Speaker of the House, host of the "Newt's World" podcast, and best selling author of "Collusion: A Novel," joins Ben to discuss China, Russia, the Mueller Report, Trump impeachment, Biden's chances, welfare, the future of the country, and much more. Read More 

May 24, 2019: Long but promising road lies ahead for Santee Cooper

July 31, 2017: The news sent shock waves throughout the state. It seemed almost too horrible to believe. After sinking $9 billion, Santee Cooper and SCE&G would abandon V.C. Summer units 2 and 3. The massive expansion of the nuclear generation site in Fairfield County was being mothballed. Read More

May 16, 2019: SC Republicans asked to defend Electoral College

South Carolina Republicans on Saturday will be asked to take a stand for the Electoral College — the constitutional mechanism President Donald Trump called “a disaster for a democracy” four years before it cemented his White House win. Read More

State + Local News Archives

June 7, 2019: Weekly Legislative Update

Weekly Legislative Update from the Hilton Head Area Association of Realtors + Andy Twisdale, Charter One Realty. Read More

June 4, 2019: Sen. Scott, Holds 75th Anniversary Commemoration of D-Day

WASHINGTON- Today, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum held a 75th anniversary commemoration of D-Day at the United States Capitol. He was joined by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD), Martha McSally (R-AZ), Tom Udall (D-NM), Tim Kaine (D-VA), and Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). Read More

June 2019: Community Project Review Committee (CPRC)

UPDATE: The CPRC is a group of Beaufort County volunteers who responded to invitations from Board of Education members, school principals and district staff. CPRC members came from all areas of the district and included a wide range of personal and professional experience. In total, CPRC members invested approximately 900 man-hours in producing the recommendations that were sent to Interim Superintendent Berg. 

Click here to read their complete report.

Weekly Legislative Update: Hilton Head Area Association of Realtors

Government Affairs Report: Week ending 6/7/2019

Town of Hilton Head LMO Committee Meeting - Reviewed proposed 2019 LMO amendments

A total of 26 possible amendments to the Land Management Ordinance were reviewed by the committee. Many of the amendments proposed were to shorten processing time for applicants or to clarify language in the ordinance. Some amendments could have an effect on development or the real estate industry, such as: Community Commercial Zoning District (CC) - Allow an indoor commercial recreation use as an allowed use in the district. This change allows for existing empty commercial spaces to be filled with indoor recreational uses like midway type attractions, go-cart tracks, indoor firing ranges, etc. All must be located indoors. The purpose of the CC zoning district is to provide for community scale recreational activities. The committee approved the recommendation in the hopes it will incentivize developers to do something with the old commercial buildings on the Island.

Minimum Number of Parking Spaces (SFH)- This change would have increased the number of parking spaces required for a single-family residence and provide specific size and location requirements. During the discussion I identified multiple concerns and questions with the proposal related to the creation of non-conforming properties, demanding large homes have more parking no matter how many people live there and enforcement issues. The committee voted to table the discussion until more research can be done.

Rules of Measurement -Height-Base Flood Elevation- The flood ordinance in the Town's Municipal Code was recently updated. This change amends the definition of Base Flood Elevation in the LMO to mirror that recently adopted in the flood ordinance amendments. This will make it easier for the public and staff to understand.

Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Public Policy committee - Proposal for a November referendum, Herbert Berg, BC Interim Superintendent of Schools  

Funding request to voters for $379,828,480.00 in 2 questions:

Question 1 - $290,552,946 Includes: Safety/Security

  • Replacement Schools at Robert Smalls International Academy
  • Additions at May River High School and River Ridge Academy
  • Renovations at Beaufort Elementary, Battery Creek High School, and Hilton Head Island Middle School.
  • Technology Infrastructure 

Question 2 - $89,275,533 Includes:

  • CATE (Career and Technical Education) program expansions
  • Renovation Design for Hilton Head Island High School
  • Middle School Athletic Improvements at 5 Middle Schools
  • High School athletic improvements at 6 High Schools
  • Playground improvements at elementary and K-8 schools

The School Board will be voting on Tuesday, June 12th whether to place the referendum on the ballot this November. The Board is currently divided on the issue. All are in agreement the needs must be addressed through the referendum. There is disagreement on the timing and when they will be best positioned for it to pass.

Best Regards,

Andy Twisdale

Charter One Realty

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Messages from Elected Officials Archive

June 3, 2019: Sen. Tom Davis: SC Energy Freedom Act Breaks Down Utility Monopolies

 It has been widely reported that this new law is about promoting clean energy, and that's partially true. But it's really about something more fundamental... Read More 

June 3, 2019: Rep. Bill Herbkersman: Newsletter

I’d especially like to dedicate this to Marine Sgt. Major Donna Dunbar,  our good friend and business colleague, who passed last week. We will never forget. Read More

May 24, 2019: Sen. Tom Davis: How to Slash Your Power Bill by Using Solar Panels

Retired engineer Bruce Duckett shares his experience with the simplicity of having solar panels installed and generating about one-third of his power needs, cutting his electrical bill by that much. He financed them with no money down, federal tax By McClatchy. Read More

May 3, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott: Fight to Curb Anti-Semitic Incidents Across the Nation

“The ongoing surge in anti-Semitic incidents across the country must be met with swift and unwavering condemnation" Tim Scott. Read More

June 3, 2019: Newsletter from Rep. Bill Herbkersman

This archived Memorial Day column is from 30 May 2005. It is dedicated to my father, Donald William Herbkersman,  an Army Ranger and Korean War veteran, as well as the Sun City Veteran’s Club, and all Beaufort County veterans. And this year, I’d especially like to dedicate this to Marine Sgt. Major Donna Dunbar,  our good friend and business colleague, who passed last week. We will never forget.

It was my intention to talk about the budget today.  The state budget is important and a big part of what you send me to Columbia to get accomplished.  It is a reasonably clear statement of the political philosophy held by the overwhelming majority of your elected officials as it applies to the day to day operation of the state.  The budget is a statement of values above and beyond any political rhetoric, because we spend money on what we value.  If we fund it, we care about it.  However, with Memorial Day upon us, and especially as we are at war, I have been thinking about some of the larger issues and some of the more enduring values than perhaps those that are simply represented as line items in a budget.

The South, as a region, contributes to the ranks of the armed forces in numbers proportionally higher than our population would suggest.  South Carolina is very well represented, even by the southern standard.  And Beaufort County, with its large concentration of active duty military personnel, as well as many military retirees, is more than passing familiar with the sacrifices entailed in the defense of the republic. 

We have Memorial Day to remind ourselves that what we so often take for granted, the gifts that our splendid nation has so amply provided, were not gifts in the sense that they were without cost.  My generation has fathers and grandfathers that did not return from the Second World War or the Korean Conflict.  We have brothers lost in the jungles of Viet Nam and now we have children, sons and daughters, leaving their lives in the harshness of Afghanistan and Iraq.  From Cowpens to Kirkuk, our freedom has been anything but free.  From Camden to Quang Tri to Sadr City, brave young patriots gave their lives so that we might carry forward this great act of faith we call America.

I’m not a constitutional scholar and I don’t often try to sort out the size of the bricks in the wall between church and state.  I do know the argument is suspended when you pass through the gates of the Beaufort National Cemetery.  It has no currency when you view the thousands of silent markers at Arlington National Cemetery.  Each of our national heroes was carried to his or her rest by the God of their individual understanding.  The grief of those left behind was lightened by the rituals and  ceremonies of the many faith traditions we together embrace.

I hope you have a good holiday.  Get outside and enjoy our wonderful clean river and lush, green landscape.  As you do, please also give some thought and perhaps a prayer of gratitude for those who helped secure the blessings we enjoy.

Next week, I will get back to the budget and let you know what we are doing with your money.  I’m also going to start giving a little more mention to the many generous and interesting contributors to the vitality of our community.

Please indulge my Memorial Day departure from business as usual.  I think sometimes we need to slow down and refocus on the big ideas.  It may be another reason we call it the House of Representatives

Representative Bill Herbkersman Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Representative Bill Herbkersman Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

June 3, 2019: Senator Tom Davis: South Carolina Energy Freedom Act Breaks Down Utility Monopolies

Last January, on the first day of the 2019 session of the South Carolina General Assembly, Rep. Peter McCoy, R-Charleston, and I filed identical bills titled the "Energy Freedom Act" in the House and Senate, respectively; three weeks ago, on the last regular day of that session, the bill was ratified as having passed both legislative chambers and sent to Gov. Henry McMaster. And two weeks ago, in a State House rotunda packed with media, renewable-energy activists and solar-industry entrepreneurs, I stood alongside the governor as he signed the bill into law.

It has been widely reported that this new law is about promoting clean energy, and that's partially true. But it's really about something more fundamental: it is a first and important step away from the energy-production monopolies that have saddled South Carolinians with some of the highest electricity bills in the nation, and toward real competition through an open market of many buyers and many sellers that will provide downward pressure on the cost of producing energy.

To celebrate the passage of the Energy Freedom Act, please join me at Salt Marsh Brewing Company from 5 to 7 pm on Tuesday, June 11 for a “Birds and Brews” event (click here for details). Audubon South Carolina and other named partners are sponsoring the event. I look forward to explaining both the significance of the new law and the legislative steps to be taken in 2020 in order to keep the momentum going. Hope to see you there! 


Tom Davis
State Senator for Beaufort and Jasper counties 

Senator Tom Davis Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Senator Tom Davis Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

May 24, 2019: Sen. Tom Davis: How to Slash Your Power Bill by Using Solar Panels

Retired engineer Bruce Duckett shares his experience with the simplicity of having solar panels installed and generating about one-third of his power needs, cutting his electrical bill by that much. He financed them with no money down, federal tax By McClatchy

This past Tuesday, in a State House rotunda packed with media, renewable-energy activists and solar-industry entrepreneurs, I stood alongside Gov. Henry McMaster as he signed into law a bill titled the “Energy Freedom Act,” which I co-authored with Rep. Peter McCoy, R-Charleston.

It has been widely reported that this new law is about promoting clean energy, and that’s partially true. But it’s really about something more fundamental: it is a first step away from the energy-production monopolies that have saddled South Carolinians with some of the highest electricity bills in the nation, and toward real competition that will provide downward pressure on the cost of producing energy.

Over 60 years ago, the South Carolina General Assembly began passing laws that provided mega-utilities with service-area monopolies and guaranteed them a generous return on their invested capital. That made sense then, given the high fixed costs of building plants and power grids and the difficulty the South had at the time in attracting investment capital.

That same model is still in place today, with Santee Cooper, Duke Energy and Dominion Energy (formerly SCE&G) holding the monopolies. But as the nuclear-facility debacle in Fairfield County illustrated, with $9 billion having been spent by Santee Cooper and SCE&G (and to be paid for by their customers!) on a now-abandoned project, there are dangers inherent in this model.

Mega-utilities with monopolies will inevitably pursue expensive projects because the return they get is directly related to what they spend. There is little incentive for them to embrace cutting-edge technologies in order to lower energy-production costs. As a result we have not fully benefited from the explosion in communications technology which, in other parts of our country, has revolutionized every aspect of the electricity-supply chain — technology that makes it much easier to communicate, coordinate, and automate grid interactions and that facilitates access to new market participants naturally incentivized to innovate.

The Energy Freedom Act opens up the grid to this new technology and these new participants. Among other things, like eliminating the net-metering cap for rooftop solar, it says if an independent power producer demonstrates the ability to generate electricity more cheaply than a mega-utility, then it must be allowed to sell that power to the grid, with savings being passed along to consumers.

The objective here is for consumers to pay rates that are a function of what competition in the energy-production market dictates, as opposed to simply paying a mega-utility a guaranteed rate of return on its invested capital. And also to remove barriers to market-driven innovations, for no one knows what else markets may come up with when the grid is open to all.

This latter point was made in a recent piece published in Utility Drive: “As thousands of new 5G cell towers are installed across the country over the next few years and ubiquitous sensors allow for more sophisticated management of electric load and accommodation of innovation, the ‘Internet of Things’ has the power to revolutionize the electric industry … The electric-utility industry has the potential to deliver innovations in service that have heretofore been unimaginable.”

The Energy Freedom Act will help clear the way for these innovations, but considerable work remains to be done, for the old way of doing business and those who benefit from it never yield to any change without a fight.

In particular, careful attention must be paid to the actions of the Public Service Commission, which is charged with implementing the new law. Still, this was a win for South Carolinians and a good first step.

Tom Davis is a State Senator representing portions of Beaufort and Jasper counties.

Senator Tom Davis Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Senator Tom Davis Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Stand for America: Week of June 21st

Nikki Haley: Every person has the ability to stop hate

Nikki Haley opens up about rising hate, Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the UN's anti-Israel bias. Read More

Alvaro Vargas Llosa: We can’t be naive about Beijing's next move

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have forced the Hong Kong government to suspend a proposal that would allow the extradition of people from the semi-autonomous Chinese administrative region to mainland China. Read More

Single-Payer Health Care Will Increase Fraud, Corruption

In 2009, “60 Minutes” noted that Medicare fraud “has pushed aside cocaine as the major criminal enterprise.” Eric Holder, then the attorney general, explained why: Medicare fraud is easier — and carries smaller penalties — than dealing drugs. Read More

Congress shirks its duty at the southern border

The Trump administration is doing just about everything it can to slow the flood of undocumented Mexicans and Central Americans coming to the U.S. and claiming asylum. But alleviating our growing border crisis is impossible unless Congress changes our immigration laws. Read More

Iran to Breach Limits of Nuclear Pact, as U.S. to Send More Troops to Mideast

Iran said it would exceed limits on its enriched-uranium stockpiles before the end of this month, as the U.S. said it would send an additional 1,000 troops to the Mideast in response to “hostile behavior” by Tehran. Read More

Kamala Harris Would Help Dreamers Get Green Cards — Sometimes at the Expense of Legal Immigrants

As she explains on her website, if elected president, Kamala Harris plans to protect 6 million illegal immigrants from deportation and provide 2 million “Dreamers” who were brought here as minors a better chance at green cards and ultimately citizenship — without action from Congress. Read More

Week of June 27th

Elizabeth Warren Calls for Elimination of Private Health-Insurance Market

Warren's candid approach to removing more than 100 million Americans from their current insurance plan puts her at odds with her more centrist opponents.
Read More 

White Supremacist Propaganda Swells to Record Levels on Campuses

White supremacist groups are ramping up their advertising on U.S. college campuses, with more cases of extremist propaganda in spring 2019 than any prior semester, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League. Read More

Iran Hasn’t Breached Limits of Nuclear Deal Yet

Iran is still several days away from enriching enough uranium to violate the 2015 nuclear deal, diplomats said, failing to meet its self-imposed timeline and giving European countries more time to salvage the agreement. Read More

When It Comes to Tariffs, Many U.S. Companies Are on China’s Side

As President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping gear up for the G-20 summit, U.S. businesses are warning that new 25% duties on $300 billion a year of Chinese goods will wreak widespread direct and collateral damage. Read More

Former US envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley prays at Western Wall

Former ambassador, who won praise during her tenure for defending Israel at the UN, arrives in Jewish state for conference on US-Israeli ties. Read More

Freedom From Consequences Isn't Freedom

Sanders' justification for allocating over $1 trillion of taxpayer money to relieving relatively more well-off people from debt freely incurred: True freedom means living free of consequences. Read More

"SAY IT AIN'T SO JOE {Cunningham}!" Archives

Written by Laurie Zapp, who recently attended a Town Hall hosted by Senator Joe Cunningham in Summerville, SC.

I was one of the first to arrive at the school where the town hall was taking place. As soon as I arrived, I walked up to the doors and there were no flyers or information posted about the upcoming town hall. Once people who are Republicans began to show up, we waited in the parking lot, discussed our plans and handed out posters of the illegals. We all walked together to enter the building. Representative Cunningham was out front shaking hands and greeting people as they were walking in. As you moved to the doors, there was a table to sign up and some of Joe's staff were at the table. The staff stopped the Republicans in the front of the line. The staff would not allow us to enter the school with signs. A few of the Republicans at the front of the line began telling them that (A) he never advertised we were not allowed to take in signs and (B) we have a first amendment right to take signs in. The staff then pointed to a taped flyer they hung on the door after they had seen us in the parking lot with signs. (Taped flyer read NO SIGNS, NO GUNS, and NO KNIVES)

At this moment, it occurred to me that once again ILLEGALS in this country have more rights than those of us that are here legally. I was holding a stack of the posters with illegals mugshots and walked up to Joe as he was still outside greeting people. I asked him if the posters were offensive to him or causing him any pain? Another man walked with me as I approached him and defended me and my position to allow me to take the posters in. Joe would not budge and I told him that no one would be blocking views of others. It was to show the pure number and to support a question. Joe, quickly then changed the subject and began talking about guns. He was making it sound like I had a gun on me. It got weird at that point and I told him I do not have a gun and they could search my purse as well as me. 

We decided to leave the posters of the illegals out in view so they could be seen as people walked out. We were not allowed to put them in the hallway in the school as you walked into the auditorium. I was grateful to two patriots who did not go into the auditorium and listen to the town hall and stayed outside to watch the illegal posters.

Joe was asked about the Born Alive Protection Act Bill. He stated that we do not need this law or bill because it is already against the law. He does support Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to choose. There were two staffers with microphones that walked around for questions. The staffers would then take the microphone from the person asking a question. It would have been nice to hear Joe's response and then push back to some of his answers. For example, the Born Alive Bill is in response to what is happening in NY state and other states allowing babies to be killed after a botched abortion. His response to the question makes one believe that this is not occurring.

This is a video {coming soon} that was edited out of the town hall. My question was in response to illegal immigration and what is occurring in Beaufort county. From the time that I made the posters, another 8 have been arrested in Beaufort County. What you do not see or hear in the clip is that there was a democrat in the row in front of me and a republican in the row behind me. The man behind me at times would say allowed something in response to Joe. He was not yelling or screaming but loud enough that at times I could hear him. The woman in front of me also heard him and every time he said something she would turn around and tell him to be quiet and hush him. He did this only a few times, but these two had been going back and forth. This is why when she went after me, I responded in the way I did to her.

As I am sure you ALL know, the House Democrats voted this week on an Amnesty Bill. This was H.R 6 the American Dream and Promise Act. Everything Joe states in the video to me is a lie in how he voted. He truly is putting ILLEGALS before his constituents in district 01.

Thank you to all for the support. Please share this so others know what Joe said and how it goes against how he voted.

Laurie Zapp

Recent Town Hall, hosted by Senator Joe Cunningham, in Summerville, SC Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Recent Town Hall, hosted by Senator Joe Cunningham, in Summerville, SC Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Accepts 2019 Robert Smalls Award

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham accepts the Robert Smalls Leadership Award, for his courage, leadership and dedication to keeping America great, at the Beaufort County Republican Party 2019 Robert Smalls Award Dinner, held September 27th at the Hampton Hall Club. This award was created in honor of Robert Smalls, founder of the Beaufort County Republican Party and a Republican Congressman.