Andrew Cuomo Pleads For a Federal Handout and President Trump Tells Him To Frack Right Off

Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a pilgrimage to the White House to beg President Trump for money. New York State has suddenly noticed a $2.3 billion deficit in its budget.  Read Article

Trump to Declare National Emergency to Build Wall

Trump will sign border security bill, declare national emergency, White House says. Read Article

Rep. Liz Cheney enters draft summary of Green New Deal into Congressional Record

Liz Cheney on the Green New Deal . Read Article

Tucker Carlson: There was no Russian collusion

Tucker Carlson:It was all fake. It's negligence on a stunning scale. Read Article

Texas Police Form Wall of Vehicles to Help Border Patrol Stop Caravan Migrants

Take a look at this interesting read from Texas. Read Article 

College Is No Longer The America Dream — It’s The American Nightmare

 What was once part of the American dream has now become, for many, an American nightmare. In 2012, the nation was shocked by a stunning new fact: outstanding student-loan debt had reached $1 trillion — an amount rivaling credit-card and car-loan debt. Today, that figure is $1.5 trillion and growing — with no end in sight.  Read More

Messages from elected Officials


Sen. Graham awarded Pro Life Legislator of the Year.

Lindsey Graham Award – Pro-Life Legislator of the Year by South Carolina Citizens for Life Because Senator Graham has continuously led the fight to end late-term abortions andProtect innocent life, he was recently honored as Pro—Life Legislator of the Year by South Carolina Citizens for Life. 

Sen. Scott on anti-antisemitism.


Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
Earlier last month on Holocaust Memorial Day, we honored the lives lost and the sacrifices made to liberate Europe from evil, racism, and hate. I wanted to make sure we do our due diligence in ensuring that we continue to push back on anti-Semitic harassment. Therefore, last week, I was happy to offer my Anti-Semitism Awareness Act submitted as an amendment to S.1, the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act

Senator Tim Scott Named Chairman of Subcommittee on Financial Institutions

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day
As we spend some time today reflecting on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., it seems apparent that his message is one our country needs to remember now more than ever. We have made significant progress in our nation, and while there is still work to do, we must let civility, fairness, and opportunity drive our resolve for a more perfect union. See Twitter Post

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

"I met with the President today and I am standing with the President to build the wall. This is not a manufactured crisis. How many new caravans need to rush the border before Democrats realize we have a crisis?" Visit this link to voice your support! 

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Legislative Update- SC Rep. Shannon Erickson

The SC General Assembly has started 2019 with gusto with a focus on moving our State forward. Rep. Erickson brings us an update on Legislative issues.

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Wall Funding


Joe voted for budget that contains funding for abortions on foreign countries but no money for border wall to keep our country safe. 



Can I join the beer caucus now? SC Rep. Joe Cunningham stopped at the floor of the US House of Representatives with 6 pack of beer!

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Right to Try!


President Trump talks about Right to Try. This gives any patient who is terminally ill the right to try medications or treatments as a last ditch effort to save their life. In the top left corner our Congressman Joe Cunningham can be seen. What you can see is him not only shake his head as in saying no but also his inability to stand or clap. “LowCountry over Party”???? VERY SAD That Joe can not even stand for the terminally ill! Note he is also wearing the white ribbon with his fellow Democrats to Protest President Trump at the State of the Union.  Click here to watch

Rep. Ilhan Omar anti-semitic tweets


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) tweeted very offensive things about the jewish community and the group that lobbies for Israel yet we have yet to see a condemnation from Rep. Cunningham! SAY IT AINT SO JOE!!!!! Read about the tweet