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Senator Tim Scott speaking at the Beth Yam Congregation on HHI. Photo {Dan Hunt/Bluffton Today}

Nov. 26, 2019: U.S. Sen. Tim Scott in Rock Hill, talks about criticism of opportunity zones

“You just can’t sit around and worry about those who are criticizing the program,” Scott said in the interview. “As far as I can tell, it is the only program of its type that’s actually succeeding, and legislatively successful is important.” Read More

Nov. 24, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott Says There's 'No Way In The World' The Senate Would Convict Trump

“One thing is crystal clear, what we heard this week from the House was, no facts, no evidence, nothing that would lead to an impeachment,” Senator Tim Scott, Read More

Oct. 28, 2019: Scott Applauds Passage of Heirs' Property Amendment

“Heirs’ property overwhelmingly impacts African-American land ownership, and in turn, prevents many farmers and ranchers from obtaining farm numbers and subsequent access to a multitude of USDA programs,” said Senator Scott. “I want to thank my colleague Senator Jones for working with me on this issue and this legislation. I am excited that our legislation took a step forward today and am hopeful that this will positively impact heirs’ property owners across South Carolina and the nation.” Read More

Oct. 24, 2019: Graham Introduces Resolution Condemning Closed Door Impeachment Process

“Every American should be disturbed by what is taking place in the House of Representatives regarding the attempt to impeach President Trump,” said Graham. “One of the cornerstones of American jurisprudence is due process – the right to confront your accuser, call witnesses on your behalf, and challenge the accusations against you. None of this is occurring in the House.” Read More

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Oct. 28, 2019: Scott Introduces Bipartisan Amendment to Fight Carbon Monoxide Deaths

“Even one preventable death in our public housing facilities is too many, and this important amendment will help put an end to the threat of Carbon Monoxide poisoning for families across the nation, especially as we go into the higher-risk winter season.” - Senator Tim Scott. Read More

Oct. 15, 2019: Scott Sends Letter Urging Senate to Take Up Landmark Retirement Leg

“We encourage the Senate to take action on the SECURE Act as soon as possible. Doing so demonstrates to our constituents that the Senate can lead in a bipartisan way for workers saving for retirement, tax fairness, and family financial security." - Senator Tim Scott. Read More

Oct. 14, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott advocates for civility in politics

“One of the places where we are failing as a nation is the latest polls say two-thirds of Republicans and two-thirds of Democrats do not have a single friend who is not affiliated with their partisan politics,” Senator Tim Scott. Read More

September 9, 2019: Bluffton legislator ferries supplies to decimated Bahamas

Bill Herbkersman wanted to do something to make a difference after Hurricane Dorian.  So he got some disaster relief supplies and flew them to Treasure Cay, part of the decimated Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. Read More

July 31, 2019: Sen. Lindsey Graham - Secure and Protect Act of 2019

My legislation closes gaps in current law that have led to a massive influx of migrants from Northern Triangle countries – Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador – who are traveling to the United States, seeking out Border Patrol agents, turning themselves in, and claiming asylum. Read More

July 24, 2019: Rep. Bill Herbkersman - Stuck with overcrowded voting places

"Oh my gosh, we had a record number of constituent contacts after last week’s column and the other coverage of the voting precinct fiasco. To recap: Beaufort and Jasper county election officials asked the delegation to split several voting precincts, as they were used by two or three times the usual 1,500 voters. Consequently, I submitted a bill, which was passed in the House, to make the appropriate precinct splits." Read More


July 17, 2019: Rep. Bill Herbkersman - Constituents’ voices may help to heal breach

This column is my modest effort to place the facts before you in hope that your voices may help to heal this breach.

July 16, 2019: A Message from Rep. Jeff Bradley, District 123

I was recently made aware that there are record nestings of Sea turtles along the South Atlantic coast and Hilton Head Island in particular. As a result of these record nestings we are seeing an egg laying boom for the sea turtles. Both are a precursor of an expanding population of a once threatened species.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the volunteers on Hilton Head Island who have for years, been so diligent in helping to protect these sea turtles. Their efforts have greatly contributed to the success of turtle hatchlings and the resurgence of the Sea turtle along our coast.

Their long hours and patient vigilance are greatly appreciated. On behalf of the citizens of Hilton Head Island and a grateful state, thank you again.

Jeff Bradley
District 123,
South Carolina House of Representatives,
Hilton Head and Daufuskie Islands

July 8, 2019: Sen. Tom Davis - Support for Beaufort County cultural sites included in state budget

The Beaufort County history is a great investment for the future!

July 2, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott - Weekly Newsletter

Senator Tim Scott has been busy over the last several weeks in Washington. Click here to for updates + recent legislation that he has introduced.

June 25, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott - Column: A Booming Economy Means Big Things for SC

"Every day, we are seeing more and more great news about the current economic expansion in America; a trend that is breaking records and exciting economists and citizens alike."

June 18, 2019: "I want answers..." A letter from Sen. Lindsey Graham

In America, the buying and selling of human fetal tissue is illegal. I have serious concerns that Planned Parenthood and a number of regional affiliates may have violated those federal laws. Earlier this week, I sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting answers about their investigations into these possible crimes.

US Senator Tim Scott. Beaufort County SC Republican party gop

June 18, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott - Newsletter

Weekly newsletter of events, legislation + news from Senator Tim Scott.

June 13, 2019: Senators Scott, Manchin Introduce Legislation to Expand Credit Access

“While we have so much to be thankful for within our booming economy, we still have much work to do to ensure that the over 26 million ‘credit invisible’ Americans are able to climb the economic ladder,” said Senator Scott. “In South Carolina, 22 percent of adults are ‘credit invisible’ and in many instances, it’s not due to poor financial decisions but rather because they lack sufficient credit history. This bill aims to change that and provide avenues of opportunity for those who have been overlooked by the current system.”  Read More

June 12, 2019: Sen. Scott Helps Introduce HUD Manufactured Housing Modernization Act

U.S. Senators Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), Tina Smith (D-Minn.), Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), and Todd Young (R-Ind.) introduced legislation promoting manufactured housing as part of the solution to America’s affordable housing crisis. The HUD Manufactured Housing Modernization Act of 2019 would ensure that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports state and local governments that wish to include manufactured housing as an affordable housing solution when applying for federal funding. Read More

June 12, 2019: Sen. Scott: Better Tools for Healthy Living Act

Senators Tim Scott (R-SC) and Doug Jones (D-AL) introduced the Better Tools For Healthy Living Act, which will empower state and local governments with tools to spearhead efforts to prevent and combat obesity. Studies have estimated that more than 20 percent of medical spending in the United States is attributable to obesity, which is linked to a number of chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Read More

June 10, 2019: Sen. Scott Joins Palmetto Boys State

WASHINGTON – This morning, U.S. Senator Tim Scott addressed the Palmetto Boys State members at Anderson University. Senator Scott spoke to the young men on leadership and motivation, the importance of bipartisan and how “failure is not fatal.” He is a proud alum of Palmetto Boys State ’82.

June 4, 2019: Sen. Scott Holds 75th Anniversary Commemoration of D-Day

WASHINGTON- Today, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum held a 75th anniversary commemoration of D-Day at the United States Capitol. He was joined by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD), Martha McSally (R-AZ), Tom Udall (D-NM), Tim Kaine (D-VA), and Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). Read More

“The Importance of Civility in Our Public Discourse”

“The Importance of Civility in Our Public Discourse” US Senator Tim Scott speaking to Congregation Beth Yam on October 10, 2019