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Senator Tim Scott speaking at the Beth Yam Congregation on HHI. Photo {Dan Hunt/Bluffton Today}

Feb. 2, 2020: Dems 'lose their minds' when Trump talks about helping minority communities

"We're seeing almost 68 billion dollars getting ready to be deployed throughout this nation in those 9,000 areas where the average poverty rate is almost 30%," the senator added, giving an update on the progress of his urban revival measure "Opportunity Zones," which give capital gains tax breaks to people who invest in designated 9000 impoverished areas. Read More

Jan. 22, 2020: The real motivation behind Dems' impeachment push | Opinion

"With a little more than nine months until the 2020 presidential election, the national conversation should be very different. The economy is booming in every possible way you could measure. There are more job openings than job seekers, and the unemployment rate has reached its lowest point in the last 50 years. Seven million new jobs have been created, leading to African-American, Hispanic, and veteran unemployment rates setting all-time lows." - Senator Tim Scott. Read More

Jan. 19, 2020: 'They're pretty concerned' because Americans 'now solidly behind' Trump

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said Sunday that Democrats have been focused on impeachment because “they’re pretty concerned” due to the fact that “they believe the American people are now solidly behind President Donald Trump.” Read More

Jan. 22, 2020: State AGs urge Senate to reject impeachment in stinging letter

The attorneys general of 21 states have come forward with a blistering rebuke of the impeachment of President Trump, asserting that it "establishes a dangerous historical precedent." Read More

Nov. 26, 2019: U.S. Sen. Tim Scott in Rock Hill, talks about criticism of opportunity zones

“You just can’t sit around and worry about those who are criticizing the program,” Scott said in the interview. “As far as I can tell, it is the only program of its type that’s actually succeeding, and legislatively successful is important.” Read More

Nov. 24, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott Says There's 'No Way In The World' The Senate Would Convict Trump

“One thing is crystal clear, what we heard this week from the House was, no facts, no evidence, nothing that would lead to an impeachment,” Senator Tim Scott, Read More

Oct. 28, 2019: Scott Applauds Passage of Heirs' Property Amendment

“Heirs’ property overwhelmingly impacts African-American land ownership, and in turn, prevents many farmers and ranchers from obtaining farm numbers and subsequent access to a multitude of USDA programs,” said Senator Scott. “I want to thank my colleague Senator Jones for working with me on this issue and this legislation. I am excited that our legislation took a step forward today and am hopeful that this will positively impact heirs’ property owners across South Carolina and the nation.” Read More

Oct. 24, 2019: Graham Introduces Resolution Condemning Closed Door Impeachment Process

“Every American should be disturbed by what is taking place in the House of Representatives regarding the attempt to impeach President Trump,” said Graham. “One of the cornerstones of American jurisprudence is due process – the right to confront your accuser, call witnesses on your behalf, and challenge the accusations against you. None of this is occurring in the House.” Read More

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Oct. 28, 2019: Scott Introduces Bipartisan Amendment to Fight Carbon Monoxide Deaths

“Even one preventable death in our public housing facilities is too many, and this important amendment will help put an end to the threat of Carbon Monoxide poisoning for families across the nation, especially as we go into the higher-risk winter season.” - Senator Tim Scott. Read More

Oct. 15, 2019: Scott Sends Letter Urging Senate to Take Up Landmark Retirement Leg

“We encourage the Senate to take action on the SECURE Act as soon as possible. Doing so demonstrates to our constituents that the Senate can lead in a bipartisan way for workers saving for retirement, tax fairness, and family financial security." - Senator Tim Scott. Read More

Oct. 14, 2019: Sen. Tim Scott advocates for civility in politics

“One of the places where we are failing as a nation is the latest polls say two-thirds of Republicans and two-thirds of Democrats do not have a single friend who is not affiliated with their partisan politics,” Senator Tim Scott. Read More

September 9, 2019: Bluffton legislator ferries supplies to decimated Bahamas

Bill Herbkersman wanted to do something to make a difference after Hurricane Dorian.  So he got some disaster relief supplies and flew them to Treasure Cay, part of the decimated Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. Read More

July 31, 2019: Sen. Lindsey Graham - Secure and Protect Act of 2019

My legislation closes gaps in current law that have led to a massive influx of migrants from Northern Triangle countries – Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador – who are traveling to the United States, seeking out Border Patrol agents, turning themselves in, and claiming asylum. Read More

July 24, 2019: Rep. Bill Herbkersman - Stuck with overcrowded voting places

"Oh my gosh, we had a record number of constituent contacts after last week’s column and the other coverage of the voting precinct fiasco. To recap: Beaufort and Jasper county election officials asked the delegation to split several voting precincts, as they were used by two or three times the usual 1,500 voters. Consequently, I submitted a bill, which was passed in the House, to make the appropriate precinct splits." Read More

“The Importance of Civility in Our Public Discourse”

“The Importance of Civility in Our Public Discourse” US Senator Tim Scott speaking to Congregation Beth Yam on October 10, 2019