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Youth Engagement

Senator Tim Scott Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

We work with young republicans to connect them with republican leaders and make their voices heard.

Maintaining Republicans in office

Governor Henry McMaster Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

Our party works with republican leaders at every level, we provide campaigns volunteers and keep them in office.

Republican Accomplishments

Beaufort County SC Republican Party GOP

National Level

The GOP maintained control of the Senate

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court

State Legislature

GOP holds majority of Statehouse.

Henry McMaster was elected Governor 

County Government

Republican majority of County Council and other County Elected Officials!



We want to thank ALL who worked so during the last election period. The Beaufort County Republican Party working with the clubs and affiliates put forth an outstanding effort that resulted in wins for all local and state candidates. We won all races except the First District Congressional but carried Beaufort County in this race by 54%.

We need to build on your hard work. The Beaufort Democratic Chairperson has stated that in 2020 they will put up a candidate in every single race. We also know that the national picture will be interesting.

Our challenge, as  a party, is to come together with a common purpose and a common message we can UNITE around. President Reagan always stressed that we have a big tent with many different opinions. In order to win we should focus on what we have in common  UNITY – a  simple word but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve.

We are already working to actively engage Republicans of all ages. Please look at the list of committees and sign up to help us move forward and work together. Invite your friends and neighbors to be part of the solution.

We have greatly expanded our use of social media to communicate widely what Republicans stand for. Please visit our new web page -beaufortscgop.com. This site can also link you directly to our new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

We can and will take our country back. Frankly, this depends on YOU – It depends on US!

You give your time because you care - you believe in this party – and you know even with all its challenges – AMERICA is the greatest country in the world. Keeping it this way starts at the local level.

Again, thank you for what you WILL do! Remember.....


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