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Must see "Unplannned"


It presents the true story of a young woman, Abby Johnson, who personally experienced abortion and rose to prominence within the Planned Parenthood organization, becoming a local director, and who then had a pro-life conversion after she was asked to assist in an abortion at 13 weeks. Subsequently she joined the pro-life movement and is today the head of her own organization "And Then There Were None".
This movie has the ability to change minds and hearts about what abortion truly is. We found it to be extremely moving and well done in all regards. It will be an eye-opener for many about Planned Parenthood. Playing in Bluffton and Hilton Head




WHEREAS, a National Security and Humanitarian Crisis exists on our Southern Border; and

WHEREAS, 2018 saw the largest number of apprehensions at the border since 2012, almost 467,000; and

WHEREAS, Customs and Border Protection recently announced they had seized at the border the largest ever illegal shipment of Fentanyl, a highly addictive opioid that causes nearly half the drug overdose deaths in America. This seizure demonstrates the threat of illegal drugs moving across the border; and

WHEREAS, Doctors Without Borders estimates that ONE of every THREE women caught in Mexican smuggling rings are sexually assaulted on the way to the border and most are forced into prostitution and sex slavery once in the States; children are also molested on this dangerous journey and then subjected to sex trafficking including sale and transport to foreign countries where their healthy organs are forcefully removed for benefit of others; and

WHEREAS, among the tens of thousands entering our country illegally each year are dangerous criminals, vicious gang members, drug smugglers, sex traffickers and human smugglers. This invasion is not only a national security crisis, but also a test of our national sovereignty. No nation can survive without secure borders; and

WHEREAS, a survey of the National Border Patrol Council, the agents’ union, found that 89 percent of line agents say a “wall system in strategic locations is necessary to securing the border.”  We know from experience that walls work.  In three sectors where secure fencing was built (San Diego, El Paso and Yuma), illegal crossings were reduced by 89 to 95 percent; and

WHEREAS, the 2016 Republican National Convention platform states that “we support building a wall along our southern border and protecting all ports of entry. The border wall must cover the entirety of the southern border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic”; and

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution provides the President, as head of the Executive branch and as Commander-in-Chief, with the main responsibility and power to protect our citizens, which includes securing all borders; and

WHEREAS, Congress passed the National Emergencies Act of 1976, which delegated authority to the President to declare emergencies when national security requires it.  Since this Act became law, every President has used this power. Presidents from both parties have declared nearly 60 States of Emergency, 32 of which are still in effect. This law permits the President to transfer congressionally-appropriated funds from Military Construction, Counterdrug Activity, Law Enforcement Assistance and other budgets to address the emergency. Thus, President Trump’s Declaration of National Emergency of February 15, 2019, is both constitutionally sound and statutorily appropriate.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Beaufort County South Carolina Republican Party STRONGLY URGES all members of the South Carolina Congressional Delegation to fully support President Trump and the American people in our deeply shared commitment to protect our southern border with Secure Fencing; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this body be notified when this resolution has been received by the President, South Carolina's Congressional Delegation, and the full South Carolina media list; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this approved Resolution be posted on the Beaufort County South Carolina Republican Party website within seven (7) days of approval.

Signed this (Date)

 __________                   ______________                 
Beaufort County South Carolina Republican Party Chairman                         Convention SecretaryBest Regards,

BCRP Resolution re State of Union Address 1-23-2019 (1) (docx)