Is Joe telling women in his district that he's voting against them ?


Every House Democrat Voted To Crush The Dreams Of Women Athletes With The Ironically-Named ‘Equality Act’ ... Say it ain't so, Joe! Read More

Could you be consistent, Joe...?


You recently spoke at an event called “Strolling Thunder”. This event urged everyone to make every baby a national priority in terms of healthcare, childcare, early education and paid parental leave. You widely disseminated your remarks.

Ironically, in coming out as an advocate for babies you refused to support HR 962, “The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”. The bill that protects the most vulnerable babies that are born alive during abortions. 

Joe on HR-1


We all know our political system is broken. Politicians have created a system that works for themselves and no one else. Well today, the House just took a major step to fix Washington by voting YES on View Tweet

“He does it Again”


Joe joined the Democrats in voting to terminate President Trumps declaration of a national state of emergency. He stated that this was unconstitutional as it was taking the power of the purse from the Congress. He sited loss of money for military projects but again failed to acknowledge that there was a problem at the border that is a risk to our country. Interesting that he never offers any solutions to the “Illegal immigration issue”.

No respect 2nd Amendment



"For the first time in 25 years we're going to put gun safety legislation in the floor of the House of Representatives. And we're going to pass it." -@RepCunningham



Can I join the beer caucus now? SC Rep. Joe Cunningham stopped at the floor of the US House of Representatives with 6 pack of beer!

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