Joe Cunningham Ignored Us

His district does not support his decision ... so who is Joe Cunningham representing in Washington?

Say it ain't so Joe!

Joe finally came clean with where he stands on the impeachment inquiry against President Trump


We now clearly know that your mantra “Lowcountry over Party” is a false illusion.

In your vote to pass the Democrat Party hacks inquiry on impeachment you stood firmly with Nancy Pelosi and her band of socialistic extremists at the expense of your constituents … in your vote on this process you agreed that:

  • Democrats will have FULL control over witnesses and subpoenas
  • Gives Democrats the power to DENY Republican witnesses
  • Let’s Democrats decide what evidence can be submitted into the record - let’s

them STOP Republicans from bringing forth any evidence to support the


  • Denies the President the right to counsel in the investigation
  • Shuts down the ability of Republicans to get to the truth
  • Does not even follow precedent afforded other Presidents including Bill Clinton
  • We will hold you accountable on Election Day in November 2020

Add your name to our Stand with President Trump petition today and join our campaign to throw Cunningham out of office in 2020!


"SAY IT AIN'T SO JOE {Cunningham}!"


"SAY IT AIN'T SO JOE {Cunningham}!"

July 25, 2019: "Gay Reparations"...?

Continues to vote solely with his party. "Democrat House unanimously OKs ‘gay reparations’ bill giving tax refunds to same-sex couples" Read More

July 7, 2019: Could you be consistent, Joe...?

You recently spoke at an event called “Strolling Thunder”. This event urged everyone to make every baby a national priority in terms of healthcare, childcare, early education and paid parental leave. You widely disseminated your remarks.

Ironically, in coming out as an advocate for babies you refused to support HR 962, “The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”. The bill that protects the most vulnerable babies that are born alive during abortions. 

Joe is not just loose with his facts... he's just plain wrong.

Joe Says ... the Born Alice Act is redundant and includes problematic provisions that violate the Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court. He says it doesn’t solve our nations real challenges. 

Joe says this legislation is political posturing and divides Americans in the name of political games. 

Joe says he will always vote for measures that solve real issues and make government work and that he is always open to learning more...

Do the facts match his words...? 

Click below to read his letter and the real facts...

“He does it Again on Illegal Immigration”

June 6, 2019: Joe sides with Nancy Pelosi and liberals in DC who want to eliminate ICE. He helped pass a House bill on Tuesday that would grant protection from deportation to illegal immigrants, giving millions a path to permanent citizenship. This would also provide permanent status to illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally, as minors, as well as those living here under Temporary Protected Status. 

The legislation would make 2.1 million immigrants “eligible under measures for Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children.” 

Joe is prioritizing mass amnesty over public safety. HR 6 would provide green cards to criminals, people with multiple convictions etc. instead of working to solve the immigration he prefers to ignore our safety and play political games. 

Joe on HR-1

At a recent Town Hall meeting in Summerville Joe attempted to answer a question from a Beaufort resident on his stand on voter ID. He skirted the question by asserting his support for everyone voting, BUT, continued by stating not everyone drives or has a driver license, therefore making it unfair. Perhaps it would be helpful if he would read the proposed legislation and understand that there are many other forms of identification and that a citizen has to be registered to vote. 

Why has he done nothing to stop illegal immigration?

Laurie and the “Engage the Right” group traveled to Summerville last Saturday to ask Joe Cunningham

Laurie and the “Engage the Right” group traveled to Summerville last Saturday to ask Joe Cunningham why he has done nothing to stop illegal immigration, especially when each of those pictured on the posters have allegedly been charged with criminal crimes right here in Beaufort County. Joe tried to say he was for legal immigration and votes with Trump when he can... Interesting, his votes are always with the Democrats.

Does he think we will not follow the votes?

Is Joe telling women in his district that he's voting against them ?

Every House Democrat Voted To Crush The Dreams Of Women Athletes With The Ironically-Named ‘Equality Act’ ... Say it ain't so, Joe! Read More

“He does it Again”

Joe joined the Democrats in voting to terminate President Trumps declaration of a national state of emergency. He stated that this was unconstitutional as it was taking the power of the purse from the Congress. He sited loss of money for military projects but again failed to acknowledge that there was a problem at the border that is a risk to our country. Interesting that he never offers any solutions to the “Illegal immigration issue”. 

Joe on HR-1

We all know our political system is broken. Politicians have created a system that works for themselves and no one else. Well today, the House just took a major step to fix Washington by voting YES on View Tweet


Open Letter to Rep. Joe Cunningham July 6, 2019 (pdf)